rainbow six siege year 6 season 1 flores 1
rainbow six siege year 6 season 1 flores 1

Dead players in Rainbow Six Siege will soon be able to control gadgets and cameras

The sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege promises some big changes to the meta.

Ubisoft has outlined a host of gameplay changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 6, which kicks off next month with Crimson Heist.

One of the bigger changes discussed in a developer panel is the ability for dead players to control cameras and gadgets during the support phase. Ubisoft says this will “intensify” that phase, and allow dead players to still help out their alive teammates. The new feature will arrive later in Year 6.

Another major gameplay change, also due out later this year, is allowing attackers to change their operator and loadout as many times as they like in the preparation phase. Ubisoft hopes the change will open up new tactical possibilities for attackers.

The armour system is also being overhauled. Sometime in Year 6, armour will simply translate to raw HP. In other words, you’ll no longer see an armour value and a health value, you’ll just see one unified number that takes into account both armour and health.

Outside of those gameplay updates, Year 6 will see the public release of the player behaviour tool, which has been shadow-tested in the past. This tool allows the game to track player behaviour, encourage the good by rewarding players with in-game items, and punish toxic behaviour. Some of the sanctions include being locked out of ranked play for a time.

When it launches, players will be able to track their scores and learn what they could do to better their behaviour.

The long-awaited steamer mode is also planned for release in Year 6. This powerful new tool allows streamers and content creators to hide their name and those of teammates/opponents, as well as hide the region and ping of every match they join. Streamers can also turn on a baked-in matchmaking delay, to cut down on stream sniping.

They can even make their clearance level and profile image private, which makes it harder for bad actors to identify them. Streamer mode arrives later today with Crimson Heist on the test server.

The developer also revealed a nice quality of life update for players who want to look the part. Elite Skins, which previously could not be customised, will soon be adapted to work with other outfit pieces.



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