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Destruction AllStars Will Cost $20 After PS Plus Promotion, Originally Listed for $70

Beginning April 6, the day after its free PlayStation Plus promotion ends, Destruction AllStars will be available to purchase for $20 USD — a $50 USD drop compared to its previously announced price point of $70 USD.”This is a great value, and helps ensure the mayhem will continue long after our PlayStation Plus promotion comes to an end,” said Lucid Games community manager George Rule on the PlayStation Blog. “Of course if you’ve already added the game to your library, it’s yours to keep as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.”

Destruction AllStars Game Modes Reveal

In the blog post, Rule also detailed the new content Destruction AllStars players can expect in the months ahead, including double XP weekends, single-player challenge series, new skins, and featured playlists, such as Mayhem 8v8 and Stockpile 4v4.

Originally slated as a PS5 launch game, Destruction AllStars was delayed to February to, in part, allow for its eventual PS Plus launch. “It made sense [to delay and go to PS Plus] just as a predominantly online multiplayer game,” Sony XDEV’s John MacLaughlin told IGN. “It absolutely made sense to go out to that widest audience possible. And what better way to do that than to the PlayStation Plus audience.”

In our Destruction AllStars review, we awarded the PS5 exclusive a 6 out of 10, saying it “can provide fun bursts of frantic car combat action, but never adds up to much more than that.”

Jordan is a freelance writer for IGN.

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