baldurs gate 3 druid 2
baldurs gate 3 druid 2

Druids arrive in Baldur’s Gate 3 alongside a hefty patch

If you’ve been away from Baldur’s Gate 3 for a while, you may want to log in and apply the latest update.

The Druid class has arrived in Baldur’s Gate 3 in a really hefty update.

With Patch 4: Nature’s Power, Druid characters will be able to use the Wild Shape ability to transform into a variety of different animals, each of which has its own unique abilities such as heavy attack options in combat, or strategic and defensive maneuvers.

Like their D&D equivalents, Druids in the game can choose a Druid Circle subclasses that impact interactions in the game: Circle of the Land or Circle of the Moon. The former offers perks as a caster, and the latter boosts the combative power of Wild Shapes and gives you access to Polar Bear shape.

Druids can speak with other animals while in their Wild Shape forms, which provides an alternative to combat encounters via diplomacy.

Patch 4: Nature’s Power contains not only the Druid class but a ton of updates and the new Loaded Dice feature. This feature helps level out the extremes of the dice-rolling. So if you feel you are unlucky, or too lucky sometimes, you can toggle this option on. If you prefer a pure RNG experience, just leave things as they are now.

The Speak with the Dead ability now includes new corpses to chat with, offering more dialogue and new cinematics.

Patch 4 also comes with improved lighting and animation and there are more improvements coming.

A number of quality-of-life changes are included in this patch as well. Targeting allies and enemies is now easier, and you can do that by clicking portraits. You can now also use another player’s full Equipment, Spells, Inventory, and Character Sheets. Darker areas of the game have also been improved with a newly dedicated torch button, and a flee button is now available in the game. You can also expect to find stability fixes.

According to Larian, you can expect updates to be smaller in download and install size in the future as the team has split large pak files into smaller chunks.

You will want to read the entire patch notes yourself, and you can do so over on Steam.



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