Genshin Impact Echoing Tales event Barbara Summer Sparkles
Genshin Impact Echoing Tales event Barbara Summer Sparkles

Genshin Impact: Echoing Tales event | Where to find Echoing Conches

By Rebecca Jones
9 June 2021 12:56 GMT

Genshin Impact has launched its Version 1.6 update, bringing with it a wide variety of new content including characters, equipment, events, and quests. The first event to go live is Echoing Tales, which runs from launch on June 9th until July 21st.

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The main reward for completing the event is Summertime Sparkle, a character outfit for Barbara. This free item will later become a paid cosmetic for those who didn’t participate in the event. You can also get additional rewards of Primogems, Mora, and Materials for playing.

How to participate in the Echoing Tales event

In order to take part in the Echoing Tales event, you need to meet a few prerequisites:

The event takes place across several islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

How to complete the Echoing Tales event

The main goal of the Echoing Tales event is collecting Echoing Conches. These conch shells are dotted about the islands, emitting a distinctive soundwave.

You can find Echoing Conches in various locations around Golden Apple Archipelago. Explore the islands using your new Waverider Ship to collect them.

Currently there are five Echoing Conches available, with more expected to be added over the next few days as the event progresses.

The ones we’ve seen so far have all been in high places: usually they’re near the edges of cliffs overlooking the sea, and often there are signs of human habitation such as wooden crates and torches in the vicinity.

Known Echoing Conch locations are:

  • Two on Twinning Isle: One towards the south-east of the northern island. The other on a steep hill towards the centre of the southern island — the only one currently not near to the sea.
  • Two on Pudding Isle: One in the north-east of the northern island. The other on the west side of the southern island.
  • One on Broken Isle: To the north of the northernmost islet.

Each Echoing Conch contains a bit of dialogue that adds up to the event’s lore. You can go into the event menu screen and use Conch Retrospection to re-listen to the conches you’ve already collected.

How to collect rewards in the Echoing Tales event

You can claim Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit once you’ve collected 24 Echoing Conches.

Additional rewards unlock with every few Echoing Conches you collect up to 32 total. Below are all the rewards and the point at which you can claim them:

No. of Echoing Conches CollectedPrimogem RewardCharacter EXP Material RewardMora RewardCharacter Outfit Reward
4602x Guide to Freedom30,000n/a
8602x Guide to Resistance30,000n/a
12602x Guide to Ballad30,000n/a
24602x Guide to Gold30,000Summertime Sparkle (Barbara)
28n/a10x Hero’s Wit
10x Mystic Enhancement Ore
32n/a10x Hero’s Wit
10x Mystic Enhancement Ore

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