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How to Farm Titanium – Outriders Wiki Guide

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In Outriders, most of the currency and resources you gain will be used to craft and upgrade your gear. The most sought after and rare resource is called Titanium, which players will need to amass to be able to level up and upgrade their weapons and armor. This page contains information on all the ways you can get more Titanium quickly to max out all of your gear’s attributes and abilities.

The most important thing to note about farming Titanium is that you won’t be able to effectively acquire lots of Titanium until you are high enough level to reach higher World Tier levels, which give you better rewards for increased difficulty. Because of this, most of these tips will only apply to end-game players.

Earn Titanium From High World Tier Levels

The most straightforward way to earn more Titanium is by reaching the threshold of World Tier 9. At this point, you’ll start to receive Titanium rewards for completing quests, making it a nice and steady source to pull from.

Higher World Tiers also means a better chance of finding some Titanium in Ore Veins as you explore endgame parts of the world, so always take the time before and after firefights to look for the glowing ore deposits and mine them all!

Buy Titanium From Vendors

As you get further into the world of Outriders, you’ll eventually meet up with an NPC named Bailey. Unlike most vendors, you’ll be able to buy Titanium in exchange for Scrap. It’s not the most cost-effective method, but you can sell all of your excess weapons and armor, and even excess resources like Leather and Iron, and use the Scrap gained to get more Titanium.

Defeat Elite Captains and Enemies

Once you’ve reached a part in the game where you can comfortably take down Elite Captains and other enemies, you’ll find they regularly drop Titanium when killed. You can use this to your advantage by finding a mission with a Captain you can reach quickly, kill them fast to get their Titanium, get killed by their allies, respawn, and repeat!

Scrap Extra Epic and Legendary Gear


Though you won’t want to do this to the first few pieces of Epic or Legendary gear you find, once you hit endgame, you shouldn’t get too attached to subpar epic or better gear that can be disassembled to get Titanium needed to upgrade the items you really care about.

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