How to Get Honey
How to Get Honey
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How to Get Honey and Craft Your Own Beehives – Valheim Wiki Guide

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What is Honey and What is it Used For

Typically, Honey is used as the primary ingredient to craft Mead based recipes such as Frost Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Stamina based potions.

Alternatively, while it isn’t necessarily recommended, honey can also be eaten to regain a small amount of Health Points and Stamina, however, the boost is quite short and you will need to eat a rather large quantity in order to keep going.

At this stage, Honey is currently used to craft the following items:

Where to Find Honey

In order to get your hands on some honey you will need to first find some beehives, which can typically be found in the abandoned buildings that are located within the Meadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes.Once you have found a beehive, be sure that you don’t get too close as the bees will swarm should you upset them. While it is possible to destroy the beehives with your sword or axe, we found that shooting the beehive with a bow and arrow was the safest way to destroy it.

Getting stung by bee’s is no fun as their poisonous sting will have you avoiding them at all cost.Upon destroying the beehive you will receive honey, along with the possibly of a Queen Bee. Should you receive a Queen Bee, you’ll gain the ability to craft your own beehives to create a honey farm.

Unfortunately, beehives are all based around luck and they are not always guaranteed to spawn within every abandoned building or drop a Queen Bee. So the process of initially finding honey can be a quite long and a little frustrating.


How to Craft a Beehive and Farm Honey

Now that you have obtained a Queen Bee, it’s time to return to your base and make a start on building your own honey farm. To craft a Beehive you will firstly need a Workbench nearby, as well as x10 Wood and x1 Queen Bee.

When placing beehives, you will need to ensure that you give each one adequate space as in order to produce honey, they will need to be happy. It is also believed that if you are building a fence around your Beehive farm, be sure to keep the fence away a short distance away from the fence line as this has at times caused the bees to become unhappy. You can check their current happiness status throughout the day while hovering over the hive.

Much like other structures, creatures such as Greydwarfs will be attracted to Beehives, so definitely consider placing a fence around them in order to keep them safe.

How Long Do Beehives Take to Produce Honey

Beehives will take approximately 20 minutes to produce a single piece of honey and can storage upwards of 4 at a single time, so be sure to check them quite frequently to avoid leaving them full.

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