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Valheim Screenshot 2021.02.22
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How to Get Surtling Cores – Valheim Wiki Guide

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Surtling Cores are important collectible items that are required for crafting. This section of IGN’s Valheim walkthrough will teach you how to get Surtling Cores.

You’ll need Surtling Cores to craft a Smelter and Charcoal Kiln, as well as building portals which allow for fast travel around the world.

Surtling Cores can be found as rewards in some Burial Chambers, as well as drops from defeating Surtlings. Continue reading on for more detailed information on acquiring this useful resource.

Exploring Burial Chambers

Once you venture into the Black Forest, the second biome in Valheim, you’ll quickly come across the dungeon-like Burial Chambers.

Burial Chambers are presented in the overworld as small cave-like dwellings made out of rocks.

These procedurally generated claustrophobic mazes house dangerous enemies such as Skeletons and Ghosts, so make sure you come prepared with good weapons and gear and are well-fed.

Some Burial Chambers also contain Surtling Cores which can be found in rooms with chests or along the narrow corridors as well as at the end of some of the dead-ends.

These small cube-like objects are easy to see in the dimly lit dungeon as they have a subtle orange glow.

Defeat Surtlings


As you navigate the Swamp biomes, you may come across flaming geysers. You can usually find Surtlings, small enemies engulfed in fire, walking around these areas. They generally spawn in small groups.

Defeating a Surtling guarantees a Surtling Core drop, as well as some coal, making this an efficient way to farm Surtling Cores in the late game.

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