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New Limited-Time Item Distribution Begins In Pokémon Sword And Shield

Trade your Dynite Ore with Peonia to discover new Legendary Pokémon.

A brand new item distribution is now taking place in Pokémon Sword and Shield following the special Pokémon Day Max Raid Battle Event.

The event tasked players with defeating as many Gigantamax Pikachu as they could, with the final count reaching 874,808 – just shy of the one million target put in place. Although the goal wasn’t quite met, players are still being rewarded with the chance to claim 87 Armorite Ore and 87 Dynite Ore (thanks, Serebii).

These two ores are useful items that were first introduced in Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLC packs respectively. Armorite Ore can be traded in for new moves, Watts, or the chance to fully reset a Pokémon’s EVs, all by finding special NPCs on The Isle of Armor, while the Dynite Ore can net you other items, Carrot Seeds, and the chance to encounter a new Dynamax Adventure Legendary Pokémon, again by trading them with special characters.

You’ll find the items waiting for you by heading to the game’s Mystery Gift option in the menu, and then selecting ‘Receive via Internet’. The distribution will remain active up until 14th March.

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