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Pyra And Mythra Figures Shown In Sakurai’s Smash Presentation Are Up For Pre-Order

Good Smile

Update: It appears that stock is now completely sold out across Good Smile’s US and International online stores. You can find a list of stores that stock Good Smile products here if you wish to try your luck with a local dealer.

Original Article: No doubt thanks to the characters’ arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Good Smile’s stunning Pyra and Mythra figures are being treated to a rerelease.

Both figures, which were shown off by Smash series director Masahiro Sakurai in his latest presentation, are estimated to ship in October 2022. Pre-orders for both are open as we speak, but you’ll have to get a move on as those pre-orders close next month.

US buyers can grab Pyra here, and Mythra here – both figures cost $192.99. International buyers can head here and here.

If they’re part of Sakurai’s personal collection, they must be pretty great, right?

Think you’ll treat yourself to one (or both) of these? Let us know with a comment below.

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